Are you experiencing issues in your relationships, repeating unhealthy patterns of behaviour or simply feel that something isn’t right? Are you feeling unhappy, confused, misunderstood, lonely, angry or anxious?

Counselling can help you with all of these problems and many more issues too.

Thank you for visiting my website. I'm Louise and I work as a Counsellor in Bournemouth, and within easy access to Poole & Christchurch in Dorset.

About Counselling

Counselling can support you if you are experiencing emotional difficulties or psychological turmoil. It may be that your usual ways of coping with difficult or stressful situations are not working and you feel it would be beneficial to seek alternative, more effective ways of behaving or responding. You might already know what is wrong in your life or simply feel that something isn't right. As your Counsellor I will help you explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours related to your current and past life experiences and together, we can evaluate and make sense of them so you can process them all in a safe and confidential environment.

As your Counsellor, our therapeutic relationship will be built on empathy, trust and respect. It is by offering these conditions that counselling can create a safe space for you to feel safe and comfortable enough to express your deepest thoughts and feelings and not be or feel judged; a feeling that some people have rarely experienced before.

Through self-expression and exploration you and I, as your Counsellor, can work through the issues that have caused you difficulties and suffering in the past, and you can begin to live a more harmonious and balanced life in the present and future. The counselling relationship and process is unique, and as your Counsellor I aim to make it as insightful and empowering for you as possible.

Some of the issues counselling can help you with are:

Loss, grief and bereavement

Relationship difficulties

Attachment issues and disorders

Anger management

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Addiction issues



Anxiety and OCD





Eating disorders & weight loss


Self harm

Domestic violence

How I Work

Counselling can help you explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are related to your life experiences. It is when these thoughts, feelings and patterns of behaviour cause distress, become self-defeating or prohibit us from making intimate connections and fulfilling relationships in our lives, that counselling can help us unravel these patterns, make sense of them and find healthier ways of behaving and relating.

Counselling provides a safe and confidential environment to share your inner most thoughts, feelings and unhelpful behaviours. It gives you time to reflect on what is happening in your thoughts and feelings related to your life experiences, develop a greater awareness and understanding of yourself, your relationships and how you respond to others and to consider alternative, more effective and rational ways of doing things.

The counselling relationship is built on empathy, trust and respect. It is by offering these conditions that I, as your Counsellor, create a space for you to feel comfortable enough to express your deepest thoughts and feelings and not be or feel judged; a feeling that many people have never experienced before in their life. Through self-expression and exploration you can work through some of the issues that have caused difficulties and suffering in the past and you can begin to live a more harmonious and balanced life in the present and future.

Get in Touch

Feel free to email me via the contact form below and write a message if you have any questions about how counselling works, if you want to ask me a specific question about why you want counselling, or to arrange an initial assessment appointment. I will reply within 24 hours, unless it's the weekend or I am on annual leave.

You can also call me on 07717796510 if you would like to speak to me. Please do leave a message if I don't answer and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Speaking to me prior to attending an assessment may help alleviate some of your feelings of apprehension, anxiety and nervousness and get a feel for me and whether I am the right Counsellor for you. I am happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging an initial assessment appointment.

My Location

Malmesbury Park Road




Fees & Availability

Counselling sessions cost £55 and last 50 minutes

Counselling sessions are held once a week at the same time and on the same day

I offer face to face and online counselling sessions via zoom

I offer short and long term counselling depending on the needs of my client and the complexity of problems

I'm sorry but I DO NOT work with couples or under 18's

“Counsellors listen with their hearts, understanding the unspoken words hidden within our silence."

About Me

I am an experienced Integrative Counsellor and have been in private practice for over 11 years now. Integrative counselling means that I am trained in the 3 main therapeutic approaches of humanistic, psychodynamic and behavioural. I prefer to work with my clients this way, rather than using a specific theory, because no two people are the same and therefore what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. With my knowledge & experience, I can adapt my therapeutic approach to suit my client's needs, enabling change in the most beneficial way possible. I am passionate about my work and regularly partake in continual professional development.

I have experience of working with a variety of presenting problems like unhealthy relationship patterns and attachment issues, abuse, childhood neglect, trauma & PTSD, stress, anxiety, depression, confidence & self esteem issues, anger management, bereavement, eating disorders & body dysmorphia, and addiction problems including drugs, alcohol, food, porn, gambling. This list is not exhaustive by any means.

I have worked as a Drug and Alcohol Counsellor, helping clients through the various stages of addiction from reducing, pre and post detox, abstinence and maintenance. I support my clients to work through the underlying issues surrounding their addiction, which is crucial in order to understand and change behaviour and manage a life free from addiction.

I have also worked as a volunteer Counsellor at One in Four, which offers support to adult survivors of sexual abuse and sexual violence. I aim to empower my clients to work through and beyond their past experiences in order to live a more harmonious life in the present and future.

As well as the above, I worked at Dorset SARC (Sexual Assault Referral Centre) as a Crisis Support Worker for four years. My role was to look after the clients who came in to the centre to report a rape or sexual assault, support them through their forensic medical examination & make onward referrals to various supporting agencies.

Additionally, I have a Diploma in Weight Management and ran two different weight loss businesses for over ten years. I supported my clients to lose weight through meal replacement products and psychological support. Working collaboratively I helped my clients to understand their behaviour and relationship with food by unravelling the psychological reasons why they eat when they are not hungry in the first place. I facilitated processing these issues, which enabled my clients to deal with their emotions more effectively, think more rationally around food, and therefore able to manage their weight more successfully too.

I am a member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy), have full professional and indemnity insurance and an up to date CRB certificate.

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